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Efax Efax Fax Free Trial
Free Fax Numbers: get your own free fax number in just minutes!

eFax Internet Faxing
- Send receive from any computer
- Receive fax as email attachment
- No phone or fax machine needed
- 30 Day Free Trial, send fax now!

Efax Internet Faxing $16.95 Efax Free Fax Trial

MyFax Internet Fax
- Free local or toll free fax number
- International free faxing zones
- Fax by email or fax by software
- Fax now, no software required!

Myfax Internet Faxing $10.00 Myfax Free Fax Trial

Efax Internet Fax Service

Efax Efax Fax Free Trial

eFax internet faxing service gives you all the benefits of paperless faxing and you can send or receive a fax with eFax in just minutes. Download the eFax free trial and then choose your own personal or business fax number. Efax will receive your faxes and deliver them to your email inbox, fast and easy. Now you can read your faxes anytime, anywhere. Efax makes it easy to save, send, and forward your new or old faxes too. Best of all, since your eFax fax number is activated instantly online, you can send and receive emails as fast as you can register your eFax free 30-day trial online. Local, toll-free 800 and vanity fax numbers are available, and instant fax number activation means that you can put your eFax fax number on your business cards today!

eFax Free Trial

eFax fax to email service helps you to break free from wired desktop fax machines. Imagine that you are on the road generating sales for your company by visiting clients and giving presentations about your products or services. Ten minutes before your next presentation, your realize that you left your hand written notes on your desk 100 miles away. You've got the eFax fax service and your very own fax number, so no problem! A quick call to your office and a co-worker faxes your notes from your office fax machine to your eFax fax number. Your notes arrive within second to your email inbox. No running around to the next hotel business center or retailer looking for a fax machine. Just click on the attachment in your email and your notes instantly appear. That's the magic of eFax internet faxing service.

eFax is the number one paperless faxing choice of individuals and businesses worldwide. eFax provides its customers with a reliable and secure way to send and receive faxes right from their email inbox. Spend less than two minutes signing up for eFax faxing service and you will receive a toll-free or local fax number in the city of your choice. Distribute your new eFax fax number to anyone who needs it and your faxes will be delivered as email attachments, directly to your inbox. With eFax, faxing from all your favorite Microsoft Office applications is easy too. eFax is the perfect fax solution for mobile professionals, travelers or anyone on the go.

How to Receive A Fax With eFax

Susan wants to send you a fax? Download the eFax free 30-day trial, then give her your eFax fax number. Step 1, the sender faxes to your fax number. We may call it an eFax fax number, but it is a fax number no different than any other. Step 2, fax is delivered to your email inbox. Step 3, open your email from any computer in the world with an internet connection. Step 4, read, save, print and/or forward your fax. Below are a few frequently asked questions about how to receive a fax using the eFax internet faxing service.

How to Send A Fax With eFax

Janice wants to send a fax by email, how to? There are a few ways to send a fax using the eFax internet faxing service. To send a fax by email, Step 1 is to start a new email on your computer. Step 2 inside the TO: field of your email, you type the recipients fax number along with, for example. Step 3 attach the document you want to fax, a Microsoft Word .doc file for example. Step 4 push send to email the fax document to eFax who in turn processes the fax immediately upon receipt. Below are a few frequently asked questions about how to send a fax using the eFax internet faxing service.

eFax Free Trial & Prices

eFax free 30-day trial special offer includes receiving up to 130 fax pages and sending 30 fax pages free. After the eFax free 30-days trial has ended, the eFax Plus subscription will automatically continue at $16.95 a month, which includes receiving up to 130 fax pages and sending up to 30 fax pages free per month. Receiving faxes over the included amount costs $0.15 per page and sending faxes over the included monthly amount to numbers in the US costs $0.10 a page. eFax price for sending a fax outside the US varies. For toll-free eFax numbers, all incoming fax pages are $0.20 a page and no free pages are included. Efax prices depend also upon your country of residence, see the eFax Customer Agreement for complete details. Use the green eFax Free Trial button near the top of this web page to download eFax or to learn more about this limited time only internet fax service deal.

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