Smoothie Diet

Hey Guys,

Over the years there has been a craze with people talking about smoothies on the internet and many more smoothie shops have been opening up all around my area.  There was a time where I was heavily into the smoothie diet.  I didn’t really treat it as a diet but I would probably have 1 to 2 a day, this was about 2 years ago.  I was not too adventurous on what I would put in my smoothies and it always seemed to have the same fruits and vegetables.  I really never varied the flavors but I was fine with that and it worked for me.

When I was drinking the smoothies a couple times a day I would use my nutribullet.  It was convenient, quick and the cleanup with a nutribullet was easy but it did break down on me.  I think I had it for about 6 months and something went wrong in the base of the machine and it stopped working.  Although this was a pain when I did let nutribullet know what had happened they sent me a new base and told me to keep the old one.  I guess I was still under their warranty.  Good work nutribullet for not making me jump hoops for a replacement.

Back to the smoothies, I would usually have 1 every morning and sometimes if I would go home for lunch I would have another one.  My smoothies would always have spinach or a leafy green, celery, and cucumber.  The fruits I would vary with blueberries, banana’s, pears, and apples, sometimes I would put a little bit of each or just 2 of the 4 fruits listed.  I would always try and put a banana so it would have a more creamy texture.  Sometimes I would use avacado but only half because a full one would make it too creamy.  For the liquid I would use either water, coconut water, coconut milk or almond milk.  There was never a rhyme or reason to my choices, it was usually what was readily available.  I would say almond milk was my favorite because it added a nutty taste.  If I had flax or chia I would throw it in for fiber.

My thoughts on Smoothies?

Smoothies are a very fast and convenient way to get in your fruits and vegtables, I could whip one up in a matter of minutes and chug it at home before I step out the door or I would bring it with me on my ride to work.  I always chugged.  The smoothie would usually keep me full for 2-3 hours and I felt energized.  I am a big coffee junkie but when I went on the smoothie diet I felt I did not depend on caffeine like I usually do., that was a huge plus in my books.  Feeling energized with no stimulant.  Not only did I have more energy but it also helped my insides feel good, I felt cleaner and lighter.  I don’t really know why I stopped drinking smoothies daily but after writing this I think I may just have to start up again.  Only downside I can think of is that you are not chewing or digesting solid food which I think does hinder your digestive system (don’t quote me on this).

I want you guys to let me know your smoothies stories and if you are just trying it out for the first time, give it a month and let me know your thoughts and if it had a positive or negative impact on your overall health.

Paleo Diet

Hey guys,

Today I will be writing about the Paleo diet, very popular diet in the crossfit community.

What is the Paelo Diet?

As taken from Google “a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.”

This diet is sometimes also called the caveman diet although depending on who you speak with there are also differences between the 2 diets.  The way I see it is both diets are like how the cavemen would have eaten years ago.  They had no processed foods and would eat a healthy whole foods diet, meat, veggies, nuts.  They would have to forage or hunt their food, they did not have the luxury of going to the supermarket and picking up pop tarts or cookies.

My take on the diet?

My little review is to be taken with a grain of salt as I didn’t follow the diet to a tee.  I would eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and I would add in brown rice.  The brown rice is on their no-no list. There were only so many sweet potatoes I could eat before I needed a different type of starch.  When I was on this diet I was working out about 5 times  a week and I was going hard each workout.  The meats I would eat were sometimes drenched in sauce, sometimes even a creamy sauce that had some dairy in it, someone that is a hardcore paleo gal would look down on my meals.  I found what worked for me and I was ok with a bit of dairy or a little bit of grains from time to time.  The diet calls for more fruits and vegetables than meat but I was hovering around 50/50.

My body responded will to my hybrid paleo diet.  My sleep was good and my cardio went up, I was getting pretty lean and my arms were looking very vascular… I was looking good.  I was very strict of not eating processed foods, or sugary pops.  Discipline played a big part on my body composition, when others are eating donuts with their coffee, I would pass.  When my friends would go out for pizza after a night of drinking I would pass.  I did indulge in alcohol from time to time (everything in moderation).

I started the paleo diet a few years ago and although I am not as hardcore I still am very conscious of what I eat, I have reintroduced white rice and dairy into my diet but very rarely.  I drink pop maybe a few times a year.  I still feel good but definitely not as good as when I was off white rice, pasta’s etc.  I have not been that active in the gym so I can slack a little more on my diet, when I go back hard in the gym and need my cardio to be in tip top shape I will go back to following the diet more closely.

I challenge you guys and gals to try the paleo diet for at least one month and see how your body responds.  For all you athletes out there, I think it will bring your game to the next level.  Please keep in mind that before your workouts I highly encourage you carb up on fruits or sweet potatoes as you will need some fuel to burn.

And as always, Keep it classy.


Intermittent Fasting

Howdy Friends,

I thought I would kick off the new blog with a diet that I have a love/hate relationship with, Intermittent fasting.  I have tried this diet a few times, I have to say if you stick with it and really follow it to a tee, it works.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

There are different ways to do intermittent fasting but I will write about the way I did it.  Intermittent fasting is when you eat all your calories for a day in a certain window.  Take for example you are on a 2000 calorie per day diet, usually you would eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner with maybe some snacking in between.  You might get up at 7:30am and eat breakfast, lunch at noon, snack at 2pm, dinner at 7pm and then some ice cream at 9pm for a night cap.  What you would do if you were intermittent fasting would be eating all those same calories that you ate from 7:30am – 9pm, but shrink the window you would consume those calories in.  I would usually go with a noon to 8pm window which is 8 hours out of the day that I should be in taking all my calories.   The bro science behind it is because you are limiting yourself to a smaller window the more time your body has to burn the calories since your insulin levels are lower.  When the body is in a fasted state it will look to eat up the fat for energy.  The reason I tried it was to see if I could get a 6 pack.  See the video below for more info on different types of IF.



My Thoughts?

The first time I tried the intermittent fasting I was already in a groove of working out hard, hitting the gym about 5 times a week and eating a well balanced diet, I think I may have been off dairy at that time.  I gave myself the 12pm -8pm eating window.  I would wake up and have a morning coffee, I took it black no cream no sugar, I forget the youtube channel that got me into it but I remember them saying that black coffee is ok as it has minimal calories.  You wan’t to stay away from anything that will spike your insulin otherwise you just killed your window.  I was also taking vitamins outside the window, not sure if it was detrimental or not but I did it anyways.  The first week or so of trying it I was really grumpy in the mornings but when my body adjusted it wasn’t all that difficult to keep up with.  About a month into it I was seeing a difference in my body I was getting more lean and the six pack would show up, in the mornings only though.  The hardest part for me was doing it on the weekends, since I like to go out with friends and eat and drink at all hours of the day.

I ended up just doing the IF(intermittent fasting) on weekdays and ate whenever I wanted on weekends, I found this to be much easier and I was happier.  After about 5 months I reverted back to my regular eating habits which was 3 smeals spread out at the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I did lose the 6 pack and gained a bit more fat, when I weight out the discipline vs the reward I would say this is a great diet for the summer if you are looking to get shredded but to stay in it year round is kinda tough.

As I mentioned above there are a few different ways of doing intermittent fasting and I wrote about the way I do it and how I reacted to it.  For more detailed information of different types of IF click here.  I hope you enjoyed and be back tomorrow for another internet fact I will be writing about.