Hey guys,

I have not been doing much cardio lately and I am starting to get a little bit of a belly.  The fact that NFL Sunday’s are back are not going to help my cause.  What I will attempt to do a couple times a week is High intensity interval training aka HIIT.  If you’re like me you will find running on the treadmill boring and in order for that fat to come off you have to be jogging or walking on that treadmill for at least 20 minutes.  The great thing about HIIT is that you can finish your cadrio session in 5-10 minutes.

What is HIIT

HIIT involves short busts of intense cardio and slower rest times of light cardio or walking or in my case I rest.  The example I will use is what I did in the gym today, I went on the treadmill and set a running timer for the first 5 minutes I did a brisk walk just to warm up my joints.  When minute 5 came I sprinted for 30 seconds, at the 5:30 mark I let the treadmill keep running at sprint speed but I would put my feet on the sides of the treadmill and rest for 1 minute.  My plan was to alternate sprinting for 30 seconds and rest for 1 minute for a total of 10 sprints.  I got to 6 sprints and cut it there, I felt sick to my stomach and I didn’t want to push too hard as it was my first day back doing cardio.  There are other ways of doing HIIT but this is the method I like to use.

What are my thoughts?

I think HIIT is a great way to shed fat while still maintaining muscle, I always feel spent after a HIIT session.  Sometimes when I go for 5k jogs I am still fresh at the end of the jog, I don’t feel that I expended the same amount of energy as a HIIT session.  My body reacts better when I do HIIT, I can see definition in my body much quicker with this method.  I feel my body has to be in better shape when I do HIIT as opposed to running on a treadmill which leads me to eat a better diet.  When I do HIIT, crossfit or box I always stay on a cleaner diet as I do not like feeling bogged down during a class or training session.  When I just lift weights and do regular cardio my body does not have to be in tip top shape as I can take longer rests and take it easy.  Overall I hate doing HIIT but I get great results, my problem has always been sticking with the HIIT regimen as it is very grueling and taxing.

My final thoughts are that it is a great way to get your cardio in and I do recommend it over traditional cardio on a treadmill, stair climber and eliptical.  If you are ready to make the lifestyle changes and diet changes that will compliment you for doing HIIT I say go for it.  Where I am at right now I don’t know if I would want to be training that hard and eating a super clean diet.  I’ll give it a shot and let ya’ll know if I keep up with it in the following weeks to come.

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