First Day Back at the Gym

Hey Ya’ll,

I thought I would take a break from internet facts and just let ya’ll know how my first day back at the gym went.  I been off for about 3 months due to being lazy, I went to the gym during my lunch hour and paid up front for 6 months!  I was amped and ready to give my hard earned money away because I’m planning on going beast mode!  After work I entered the 24 hour snap fitness, still looks the same as 3 months ago.  Today I felt like doing legs, went in and did a 10 minute stretch session, for all of you just starting to work out or even for you pro’s it is super important to stretch before a workout, trust me you will save yourself from a lot of pain and unnecessary injuries.

After stretching I hit the squat rack and did 1 set of 10 with no weight on the bar, just getting into the groove and letting my body get use to the squatting motion.  I then did 1 set of 95lbs for 10, 1 set of 145lbs for 9, 1 set of 165lbs for 7 and ended up with 5 sets of 185lb for 5.  I think I bit off a little more than I can chew.  I’m a skinny dude who weights 140 and although 185 isn’t a lot, I’m feeling it in my quads right now.  I know for the next 2 days I will be walking funny.

After the squats I also did some light leg curls and ended off my debut with some standing calf raises with bodyweight.  After the workout I stretched for another 5 minutes, probably should have stretched a bit longer but I was way too hungry!

Wish my legs luck for the next couple of days, I’m hoping they can carry me back to the gym tomorrow for a grueling back workout I have in mind.

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