Paleo Diet

Hey guys,

Today I will be writing about the Paleo diet, very popular diet in the crossfit community.

What is the Paelo Diet?

As taken from Google “a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.”

This diet is sometimes also called the caveman diet although depending on who you speak with there are also differences between the 2 diets.  The way I see it is both diets are like how the cavemen would have eaten years ago.  They had no processed foods and would eat a healthy whole foods diet, meat, veggies, nuts.  They would have to forage or hunt their food, they did not have the luxury of going to the supermarket and picking up pop tarts or cookies.

My take on the diet?

My little review is to be taken with a grain of salt as I didn’t follow the diet to a tee.  I would eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and I would add in brown rice.  The brown rice is on their no-no list. There were only so many sweet potatoes I could eat before I needed a different type of starch.  When I was on this diet I was working out about 5 times  a week and I was going hard each workout.  The meats I would eat were sometimes drenched in sauce, sometimes even a creamy sauce that had some dairy in it, someone that is a hardcore paleo gal would look down on my meals.  I found what worked for me and I was ok with a bit of dairy or a little bit of grains from time to time.  The diet calls for more fruits and vegetables than meat but I was hovering around 50/50.

My body responded will to my hybrid paleo diet.  My sleep was good and my cardio went up, I was getting pretty lean and my arms were looking very vascular… I was looking good.  I was very strict of not eating processed foods, or sugary pops.  Discipline played a big part on my body composition, when others are eating donuts with their coffee, I would pass.  When my friends would go out for pizza after a night of drinking I would pass.  I did indulge in alcohol from time to time (everything in moderation).

I started the paleo diet a few years ago and although I am not as hardcore I still am very conscious of what I eat, I have reintroduced white rice and dairy into my diet but very rarely.  I drink pop maybe a few times a year.  I still feel good but definitely not as good as when I was off white rice, pasta’s etc.  I have not been that active in the gym so I can slack a little more on my diet, when I go back hard in the gym and need my cardio to be in tip top shape I will go back to following the diet more closely.

I challenge you guys and gals to try the paleo diet for at least one month and see how your body responds.  For all you athletes out there, I think it will bring your game to the next level.  Please keep in mind that before your workouts I highly encourage you carb up on fruits or sweet potatoes as you will need some fuel to burn.

And as always, Keep it classy.


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