Intermittent Fasting

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I thought I would kick off the new blog with a diet that I have a love/hate relationship with, Intermittent fasting.  I have tried this diet a few times, I have to say if you stick with it and really follow it to a tee, it works.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

There are different ways to do intermittent fasting but I will write about the way I did it.  Intermittent fasting is when you eat all your calories for a day in a certain window.  Take for example you are on a 2000 calorie per day diet, usually you would eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner with maybe some snacking in between.  You might get up at 7:30am and eat breakfast, lunch at noon, snack at 2pm, dinner at 7pm and then some ice cream at 9pm for a night cap.  What you would do if you were intermittent fasting would be eating all those same calories that you ate from 7:30am – 9pm, but shrink the window you would consume those calories in.  I would usually go with a noon to 8pm window which is 8 hours out of the day that I should be in taking all my calories.   The bro science behind it is because you are limiting yourself to a smaller window the more time your body has to burn the calories since your insulin levels are lower.  When the body is in a fasted state it will look to eat up the fat for energy.  The reason I tried it was to see if I could get a 6 pack.  See the video below for more info on different types of IF.



My Thoughts?

The first time I tried the intermittent fasting I was already in a groove of working out hard, hitting the gym about 5 times a week and eating a well balanced diet, I think I may have been off dairy at that time.  I gave myself the 12pm -8pm eating window.  I would wake up and have a morning coffee, I took it black no cream no sugar, I forget the youtube channel that got me into it but I remember them saying that black coffee is ok as it has minimal calories.  You wan’t to stay away from anything that will spike your insulin otherwise you just killed your window.  I was also taking vitamins outside the window, not sure if it was detrimental or not but I did it anyways.  The first week or so of trying it I was really grumpy in the mornings but when my body adjusted it wasn’t all that difficult to keep up with.  About a month into it I was seeing a difference in my body I was getting more lean and the six pack would show up, in the mornings only though.  The hardest part for me was doing it on the weekends, since I like to go out with friends and eat and drink at all hours of the day.

I ended up just doing the IF(intermittent fasting) on weekdays and ate whenever I wanted on weekends, I found this to be much easier and I was happier.  After about 5 months I reverted back to my regular eating habits which was 3 smeals spread out at the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I did lose the 6 pack and gained a bit more fat, when I weight out the discipline vs the reward I would say this is a great diet for the summer if you are looking to get shredded but to stay in it year round is kinda tough.

As I mentioned above there are a few different ways of doing intermittent fasting and I wrote about the way I do it and how I reacted to it.  For more detailed information of different types of IF click here.  I hope you enjoyed and be back tomorrow for another internet fact I will be writing about.


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